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Established in 2006, Vmoto is a manufacturer and distributor of electric motorcycles, based in Perth, Australia. As of 2008, they established their scooter manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China. In 2017, Vmoto informally joined forces with Super Soco, an emerging Chinese EV manufacturer, who then moved the majority of their operations to the Vmoto Nanjing facility. In 2020, Vmoto and Super Soco formalised their joint venture — Vmoto Soco — leveraging their strategic partnership to innovate, manufacture and distribute electric motorcycles and scooters globally.

Credibility — Reliability — Performance

The EV market is developing at a rate, with a multitude of brands entering the fray.

However, with its vast experience, specialisation and established infrastructure in the EV industry, Vmoto Soco promises the most progressive innovation, a deep and evolving range, and the reassurance that you’re riding the very best that the market has to offer.


All purchases must be made through our dealership network. Our dealers offer financing options too.

Our bikes and scooters can be purchased from and delivered to anywhere within South Africa through our dealership network. Test drives are limited to the locations of our dealerships.

All our dealers will have selected models that you can test drive at their facilities. Please contact them for more information.
A significant benefit of electric vehicles is the drastically reduced need to service them. No oil changes or leaky, greasy engine parts to toil with. Other than periodic tyre checks, brake fluid top-ups and brake pad replacement, enjoy the clean and easy low-maintenance life of an EV owner.
Our dealers will have access to our spare parts list. If any parts are out of stock, all parts (except for batteries) can be airfreighted to South Africa within a short lead-time.


Yes, our dealers do have access to vehicle financing options. Speak to them for more information.


As with petrol motorcycles and scooters, if you have a valid motorcycle learners or full motorcycle licence, the following models are legally allowed on South African roads: TC Max, TC Wanderer, CPX Pro, F01, and CUX.

The OFF-R is a specialised off-road motorcycle, without the required features for public road usage. The ON-R version is designed for road use; however, this model is currently unavailable in South Africa. We will look to launch it locally in the future.

Yes. Our dealers will offer vehicle licensing if requested. Costs for this service are discretionary as per their terms.


The range of your vehicle will depend on the model you choose. Each has an estimated maximum range calculated based on a constant average speed and rider weight. However, this range will be affected by the demand placed on the battery. For example, high speed riding and/or hill climbs will reduce the range. Similarly, heavier riders will demand more from the battery than lighter riders.

They can be charged in a regular South African wall socket with the supplied charger.

The battery can be charged via the bike’s charging socket, or it can be removed to be charged elsewhere.

Yes. A standard charger will be included with every vehicle purchased.

Yes, if the bike is armed, the rear wheel will lock, and the alarm will sound if someone attempts to move it.

In addition to this, the battery can be locked within the bike, or removed and taken with you.